Magill Kindergarten - South Australia

Our kindergarten is situated amongst shady trees which provide a tranquil setting for children's learning. Magill's extensive outdoor learning area provides children with opportunities to learn about the environment, help with our vegetable garden, and engage in both quiet and active play with friends.
Our caring staff team plans a comprehensive range of learning activities which take place both indoors and out.
Our routine allows for long blocks of uninterrupted time so that children can develop their play ideas, as well as teacher led individual, small, and whole group activity. The curriculum reflects our focus on literacy skills and the value the parents, staff and children place on celebrating the cultures and languages of our diverse community.
Each week we visit the adjacent oval where we practice our ball skills, play games and sometimes even have a picnic! We visit our local school regularly. Magill Kindergarten is a friendly place, where children have fun and learn in a caring environment.

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